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Orange Patio Chairs: Perfect For The Summer

We have a huge crush on orange and tangerine nowadays. We think it really spells summer, and we’re loving all the orange patio chairs we’ve been seeing around lately!

Summer would never be the same without the fresh, breezy fruity colors of orange, apple green and yellow, and as much as we love all the other bright colors of the season, orange has our attention at the moment. I mean, have you seen the lovely patio furniture nowadays in this color?  As we have mentioned in a few of our blog posts, we have a weakness for chairs, hence, we can’t help but look around for the best – and the brightest chairs for summer!

Patio chairs that come in orange are a great choice for making a bold, fun statement. It undoubtedly would make any patio or deck livelier, colorful and more inviting! We’re loving this EHO Studios Cushioned Bar Stool with orange cushion and this funky High Back Chair by Lebello. They would make a fabulous addition to your outdoor space, don’t you think?

The color orange is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Perfect for summer, right? According to color psychology, orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. Why, with such positive qualities, we must say that an outdoor space could always use splashes of orange. Some also say that orange is a power color and that it is one of the healing colors. It is also said to increase the craving for food and also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity! This summer, if you’re having family and friends over a lot, sharing food and ideas over orange furniture sounds like a fabulous idea!

Colorful patio chairs are a welcoming sight in any outdoor space, and we think that if you can’t do an entire makeover, a simple upgrading or adding of patio chairs will do. And, when you choose orange patio chairs, you know you’re bringing a lot of positivity and good feelings outdoors!





Bistro Sets: A Table For Two Is Perfect For You

Practical and decorative.

That’s what bistro sets are, in addition to being a great addition to any patio or garden. They’re picture perfect, as they now come in beautiful colors, styles and materials. Bistro sets bring to mind both intimate and lighthearted conversations over coffee or tea and cake. Don’t you just love spending time outdoors with a good friend, having a good laugh and catching up on things? A table for two is indeed perfect for a lovely afternoon outdoors, with nature as your backdrop.

Bistro sets are perfect for light meals, snacks and dinners. They also make a nice place to have cold drinks, cocktails, These sets are a must-have if you’re into casual dining alfresco, inspired by European outdoor cafe’s.

If you are currently looking for some fabulous sets to add to your space, choose strong and high quality materials such as wicker or top notch wood. Wicker is known for its resiliency and beauty. Just have a look at this Alfresco Home Vento Wicker All Weather 3 Piece Patio Bistro Set and this Tortuga Outdoor Stonewick 3 Piece Bistro Set with Arm Chairs. Aren’t they simply gorgeous! We’d love to have them in our patio!

Bistro sets are indeed a very handy solution to furnishing a small outdoor space. Your patio or balcony will definitely be more inviting with an attractive and comfortable bistro set. We think these 3-piece sets are perfect for two people. Why, it’s all you need to enjoy your outdoor space! Since most bistro sets are low maintenance and easy to care for, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about keeping them in great shape. And, since most outdoor spaces can accommodate and would benefit from a well placed bistro set, you will surely enjoy it being an outdoor eye candy!

Work It With Wicker Patio Furniture

Beautiful and lightweight, wicker patio furniture makes a great outdoor attraction in your home.

Wicker, as you may already know is made of either willow, rattan, bamboo or reed. Despite being quite light, they are excellent material for creating wicker chairs and tables. They are also very slender but quite sturdy enough to withstand outside weather conditions. Being lightweight, wicker patio sets can be easily moved around within the backyard and can be arranged and rearranged any time the need arises.

You must have seen several fabulous wicker patio furniture in the market today, and with their casual, unique and comfortable looks, it’s really no wonder they are a favorite of many homeowners. Just take a look at this gorgeous Elements Outdoor The Tibet wicker set, or this Alfresco Home Vento Aluminum Wicker Dining Side Chair with Cushion . This Tortuga Outdoor Lexington 3 Piece Bar Set is also a real winner!

While they are generally cheaper than other types of outdoor furniture, wicker sets with some quite intricate patterns and weaves and amazing stylish shapes can be expensive. Of course, if money is not an issue, you can invest in a beautiful wicker set that will instantly beautify your patio and increase its value.

When you are shopping for outdoor furniture, wicker should definitely be on top of your list. Once it’s all set up in your backyard, there is little maintenance to do — just wiping off the pieces now and then with a damp cloth and washing the frames and cushions. To protect them, you can also use patio furniture covers!

And finally, here’s another reason why wicker sets make excellent outdoor furniture: they easily match any outdoor ambience due to their rather muted colors. They can easily blend in with the rest of your garden setting, and all you need is add a couple of pretty cushions and patio umbrellas to bring your entire garden to life!

So You’re Buying A Patio Furniture Set

So you’ve been itching to buy that dreamy patio furniture and have finally decided on buying a patio set. Before you rush off to buy anything, here are a few things to remember.

Set your budget.

Okay, just as with any major home purchase, you know you have to set a budget. This is probably the most important part of buying patio furniture and cushions. Durable, good quality and beautiful patio furniture will be costly, so investing in the right kind of furniture is a must. This will mean long-term comfort and enjoyment plus savings because with high quality outdoor furniture, don’t need to frequently repair or replace furniture or cushions from frequent use and and exposure to the elements.

Decide on the look and style that you want.

Of course, this will be largely influenced by the theme of your home. Does your home have a country or rustic look? Is it Asian-inspired, modern minimalist?  There are many choices on the type of patio furniture and cushion covers you can get. Decide on what you want in terms of materials and designs for furniture, fabric and patterns for the cushions, cushion types and so on. If you’re not sure what design your home is in, you can always consult a professional decorator or just browse some home magazines for the look that you feel will go best with your own patio.

Measure your space and determine the activities and frequent users of your patio.

This is important. Don’t forget to take measurements of the space where you will put your patio furniture, as this will dictate the size of the patio furniture you will get. Determining the activities and frequent users of your space is also crucial because if, say, you intend to dine often in the patio or entertain guests there, you may want to get a classy comfortable set maybe with an umbrella and a barbecue grill! If you plan to spend your quiet times on your patio, you will need comfortable furniture with high quality durable cushions. Or if you have several kids, you’d want to have extra space for them to play around in.

Research. Ask. Shop around.

Take your time to look around at all the outdoor patio sets available before buying anything. Browse online stores, check out your local furniture shops and even ask recommendations from friends! Getting the perfect patio furniture will take time and patience, but it’s all worth it.

Your patio is a place in your home that deserves careful thought and planning. So do your homework. After all, your patio set will be enjoyed by your family and guests for years!

Adding Pops Of Color To Your Patio

Patio furniture choices nowadays are truly stylish. In fact, homeowners are experiencing a growing desire to bring more life into their outdoor spaces with the variety of choices in the market. If you’ve been looking for ways to liven up an otherwise dull and boring patio, why not dress it up with colorful statement pieces to enhance your enjoyment of the great outdoors?

Your modern patio furniture should of course be a reflection of you, and a huge part of prettying up your patio is deciding on the colors you will be adding to your space. Whether it’s chairs, tables, dining sets, chaise lounges, daybeds, umbrellas or hammocks, you can always add pops of color to your patio! It can be as simple as a pretty red patio umbrella. You get protection from the sun, and add just the burst of color you need for, say a neutral colored patio dining set or sofa. If you want smaller colorful items, what about a Regal Blue planter? It’s pretty by itself – imagine how much livelier it will look with your favorite flowers! Or, why not add one of our favorites – a funky, colorful lounge chair! Don’t you just love how colored chairs bring life to any room? Well, they’re just as fabulous outdoors too! Imagine spending lazy afternoon outdoors in these lovely patio chairs, chatting with friends and reminiscing about the good old days.

Indeed, quality patio furniture is your best companion for these moments. And just as simple yet wonderful moments can bring a smile to your face, colorful patio furniture can brighten your space, light up your face and liven up all your days spend outdoors!

Jazz Up Your Patio With Modern Furniture

It’s a place of rest and relaxation, of good company and happy moments. Yes, your patio is a very special place in your home. You can always add touches of class with outdoor furniture here and there to enhance your relaxing moments.

When embellishing your outdoor space, patio furniture is always a good start in your creative mix. If you want to turn your patio into something extraordinary, you need to find exquisite modern patio furniture pieces to get your desired look. Maybe you can throw in an entirely new patio dining set, or get new patio floors, but don’t forget to make good use of other items such as umbrellas, pretty cushions, and maybe some garden accents.

Jazzing up your patio involves some serious planning, as each piece of furniture makes a statement. Your outdoor space is just as important as your house’s interior, so you need to make sure that your outdoor spaces are just as exquisite and comfortable. Forma and functionality are main considerations, of course. To achieve that look and design you desire, you need to consider the appearance of outdoor furniture pieces you will be adding. They will have a huge impact on the overall feel and atmosphere of your patio and garden, so the modern patio furniture you will pick is of utmost importance.

Pretty pieces of outdoor furniture that are carefully chosen will definitely contribute to the relaxation and rejuvenation that you want from your outdoor space. Always have a clear blueprint about what you really want your area to look like. You can go for ultra hip and modern, or rustic and classy. Pick quality furniture that will last for years. If you’re a seasoned homemaker,jazzing up your patio may be a breeze to you, but if you’re a newbie, you’d want to do a lot of research, get suggestions and talk to outdoor furniture sellers.