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Play It Up With Colorful Outdoor Stools

Summer is such a fun, cheerful time, isn’t it? There are trips to the beach or pool or a long, hot summer vacation to look forward to, but some of us love to lounge around in our homes. We want to spend our time in a chic, comfortable outdoor space and what better time spice up your patio, backyard or deck than summer? We’re thinking colorful patio furniture such as outdoor bar stools!

If you’re all about entertaining family and friends in your patio and if you are about to upgrade your entire patio with new furniture, consider some bar stools. If you have a mini outdoor bar, these would make a great addition too.  You can make your home your friends’ favorite hang-out place with colorful furniture. Serving guests not only involves wow-ing them with great food and yummy drinks. You must also give them a magnificent view of your garden or pool, with splashes of bright colors in the form of stools, such as this Lebello hollow ottoman, which provides an open frame body that allows books, magazines or objects to be placed in the center. We’re also loving this Lebello spinball stool, a low coffee table seat with a two tone color combination.

Unlike indoor stools, outdoor bar stools should be able to resist the varying weather conditions. Not only do they do a great job of adding pops of color to your outdoor space – they also make your patio setting even more homey and entertaining. We love the fact that they now come in fabulous colors, shapes and styles. There’s a great looking outdoor stool for your type of personality! Mix and match them with your current theme and décor, or simply add a few pieces that can stand out beautifully. Surely, you’ll have a blast outdoors this summer with such colorful furniture lightening the mood.