Orange Patio Chairs: Perfect For The Summer

We have a huge crush on orange and tangerine nowadays. We think it really spells summer, and we’re loving all the orange patio chairs we’ve been seeing around lately!

Summer would never be the same without the fresh, breezy fruity colors of orange, apple green and yellow, and as much as we love all the other bright colors of the season, orange has our attention at the moment. I mean, have you seen the lovely patio furniture nowadays in this color?  As we have mentioned in a few of our blog posts, we have a weakness for chairs, hence, we can’t help but look around for the best – and the brightest chairs for summer!

Patio chairs that come in orange are a great choice for making a bold, fun statement. It undoubtedly would make any patio or deck livelier, colorful and more inviting! We’re loving this EHO Studios Cushioned Bar Stool with orange cushion and this funky High Back Chair by Lebello. They would make a fabulous addition to your outdoor space, don’t you think?

The color orange is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Perfect for summer, right? According to color psychology, orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. Why, with such positive qualities, we must say that an outdoor space could always use splashes of orange. Some also say that orange is a power color and that it is one of the healing colors. It is also said to increase the craving for food and also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity! This summer, if you’re having family and friends over a lot, sharing food and ideas over orange furniture sounds like a fabulous idea!

Colorful patio chairs are a welcoming sight in any outdoor space, and we think that if you can’t do an entire makeover, a simple upgrading or adding of patio chairs will do. And, when you choose orange patio chairs, you know you’re bringing a lot of positivity and good feelings outdoors!





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