Work It With Wicker Patio Furniture

Beautiful and lightweight, wicker patio furniture makes a great outdoor attraction in your home.

Wicker, as you may already know is made of either willow, rattan, bamboo or reed. Despite being quite light, they are excellent material for creating wicker chairs and tables. They are also very slender but quite sturdy enough to withstand outside weather conditions. Being lightweight, wicker patio sets can be easily moved around within the backyard and can be arranged and rearranged any time the need arises.

You must have seen several fabulous wicker patio furniture in the market today, and with their casual, unique and comfortable looks, it’s really no wonder they are a favorite of many homeowners. Just take a look at this gorgeous Elements Outdoor The Tibet wicker set, or this Alfresco Home Vento Aluminum Wicker Dining Side Chair with Cushion . This Tortuga Outdoor Lexington 3 Piece Bar Set is also a real winner!

While they are generally cheaper than other types of outdoor furniture, wicker sets with some quite intricate patterns and weaves and amazing stylish shapes can be expensive. Of course, if money is not an issue, you can invest in a beautiful wicker set that will instantly beautify your patio and increase its value.

When you are shopping for outdoor furniture, wicker should definitely be on top of your list. Once it’s all set up in your backyard, there is little maintenance to do — just wiping off the pieces now and then with a damp cloth and washing the frames and cushions. To protect them, you can also use patio furniture covers!

And finally, here’s another reason why wicker sets make excellent outdoor furniture: they easily match any outdoor ambience due to their rather muted colors. They can easily blend in with the rest of your garden setting, and all you need is add a couple of pretty cushions and patio umbrellas to bring your entire garden to life!


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