Extending Your Indoor Living Space with Wicker Patio Furniture

Don’t we all wish that we have more indoor living space in our homes? It’s not always possible, but it shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the comforts of indoor living.  That’s why it’s nice to have comfortable furniture in our patios. With comfortable patio furniture, the outdoors becomes a refreshing extension of our indoor space. 

Of course, we should keep in mind that outdoor weather is a bit harsh on furniture. That should not be a problem if we use all-weather wicker patio furniture. Take for example the Home Styles Riviera Four Seat Sofa upholstered in Green Apple Fabric. It’s soft and comfortable and sitting on it is just like lounging in your den. The only difference is that this sofa can withstand the harsh outdoor weather. It is made of Cycroplene, a 100% recyclable material which is also moisture and weather resistant. It is brown with gold streaks which matches perfectly with the apple green stain and fade resistant polyester fabric of its cushions. Its legs even has levelers which can be adjusted to accommodate uneven ground.

Lounging around in your outdoor sofa calls for a tall, cool drink. Just match that comfortable wicker sofa with another Home Styles outdoor piece of wicker patio furniture- their wicker cocktail table with glass. The glass top is the perfect place for your drinks. Just like the sofa, its frame is made of rust-resistant powder coated aluminum. There’s no need to worry about spilling your drink, either. The levelers make sure that you will have a flat table top despite uneven ground.

Using wicker patio furniture helps you take advantage of the outdoors. With pieces that are as comfortable and lovely as your indoor furniture, there’s no reason for you to be cooped up indoors. Go get your drink, put up your feet, and relax!



Lounge In Style In Modern Sectional Sofas

Modern sectional sofas are one of the best kinds of modern sofas that you can buy for your place. This sort of sofa is made by using a number of different materials. One of the best things bout modern sofas is that you can move them around without any problem. It means that you can use them in a number of ways. Unlike the regular sofas, you can put the different pieces of the sectional sofas and change the decoration often! Throw in some colorful pillows and they instantly brighten up your space!  Because sectional sofas can be dressed up with pillows and moved around easily, this allows you to set them creatively which are certainly a wonderful benefit of this furniture. It also helps you to create more illusion of space which is very important for home with limited space. For this reason, most people having small apartments love to use these sofas which provide them with great sitting, chic as well as more space.

As the modern sectional sofas come in wonderful colors, they make perfect furniture for the one who love to have striking accents in their place. These sofas are also ideal for big families as they allow good sitting for a number of people. The easy maintenance of these sofas also makes them a great choice for many. Unlike the regular sofas, you will not have to bother about their cleanliness as they are made of leather which is easy to clean.

These sofas come in microfiber as well as in leather and in a wide variety of colors. With the latest scientific technology they are made to provide everlasting coziness and durability. The colors range from white, red, black or coffee. Microfiber is quite affordable however, the leather sofa is expensive. In the wide range of sectional sofas in the market, you will be easily able to find the one which matches the theme and decor of your living room. We love this Italian leather sectional sofa and this Zen Collection sectional sofa. They’re both beautiful and comfortable!

The reason for the rising popularity of sectional sofas is the marvelous adaptability which they offer. With the comfort and versatility they offer, it’s really no wonder why homemakers love them. So go ahead and buy one for your own space!

Fall Trend: Accent Tables

We love fall.   And we love one of this season’s furniture trends: accent tables!

The tables come in all sizes and shapes, from fairly small to quite large. This insures that you’ll almost certainly find the table that is perfect for your home and the space you have in mind. For example, an accent table can work wonderfully in an entryway. They would look great with a small mirror above them, just so you can make sure you’re all put together before you head out for the day. By their very nature, accent tables are made to capture the attention of visitors and guests. Compared to end tables and coffee tables, they can be quite ornate, such as lovely wood tables with exotic, complex patterns of wood veneers. The can also come in any shape imaginable, from square and rectangle to round and oval!

Round end tables even make a great alternate to traditional end tables, adding a lot of visual impact to the room, since square or rectangular end tables are usually the rule. Accent tables that are round or oval make a delightful exception to this rule. You can even make a bolder statement by going with a pedestal table instead of a traditional table with four legs.

Many accent tables come in designs that capture your interests and passions. For instance, you can get accent tables with a travel theme, with a large compass design on the top done in exquisite veneers. Or you can find one that has a built-in wine rack on the bottom, allowing you to share your love of wine with visitors and guests. One of the great things bout these tables is that they can each be different. Whether you use them in the living room or in the bedroom, you can actually use two different tables, such as one that’s rectangular and one that’s round, but in the same general style and finish.

We’re loving this Oak dining table — spacious, versatile, warm and attractive! This Pranziamo dining table’s modern classic design!

When selecting accent tables, of course, you want to choose models that not only reflect your personal tastes and the decor of your room, but you also want to find tables that are of top quality.  Accent tables are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can add to a living room. These tables can add visual interest, solve some of your space utilization issues and show off your personality, all in at the same time!

Update A Room With Modern Wool Rugs

Here’s one of our favorite ways to update the look of your living room or bedroom: add some modern wool rugs!

One of the interesting changes you can make to your home would be to install a new floor, but this can be costly. So why not just add a new rug to liven up your space?  We suggest purchasing a wool rug because unlike installing new floors, you will never have to leave it behind if, say,  you choose to move to a new location. With a rug, you can purchase several designs and you can bring it with you or change rugs within your home.

Finding a wool rug that is perfect for your home is just as challenging as finding a new floor. There are numerous types of rugs, and each fits a certain type of decor. If your home is modern and you love the look of plush wool, then go for modern wool rugs. These can accentuate any room can be great for both living rooms and bedrooms. Often times you only need small round wool rug to give any bedroom a warm and inviting feel.

Modern wool rugs come in multiple colors and patterns – there’s just so much to choose from! We’re loving this wool rug from Chandra rugs and this zebra wool rug from the same collection. Wool rugs have many advantages but the best advantage is they are 100 percent natural. This makes it a great choice because they are eco-friendly, free of harmful toxic chemicals. When properly maintained, wool rugs can last for several years so they’re a great investment.  Moreover, wool has a natural water-repellent property that prevents spills or flooding from ever being an issue. They are also easy to clean and care for since they resist dirt and dust, requiring very little maintenance.

So give that room a new look with modern wool rugs. You won’t regret it!

Bright And Breezy: Colorful Children’s Nightstands

So you’re decorating your kid’s room. Exciting!

Surely you already have some colors in mind, and perhaps a theme for the entire room. Whether you’re decorating for the first time or simply renovating your child’s room, it is a fun activity that you can involve your kids in. Both of you will definitely have fun picking out the bed, the pillows, curtains, study tables and don’t forget a lovely kid’s nightstand.

Children’s nightstands are essential. If your child is a reader, it’s a place where he or she can stack her favorite books. Other than this, it’s also a place for a glass, a nice lamp, or maybe even his or her favorite figurine. Some nightstands come with several drawers, so this also makes a great storage solution!

Children spend a lot of time in their rooms, and while they also can be very active outdoors, their room has to be a wonderful and comfortable place of rest. They will surely experience comfort in their bedroom if they have all the necessary things that they need. We think that children’s nighstands are a necessity, and if you’ve seen today’s modern choices, you will definitely get more excited in decorating your child’s room.

There are children’s nightstands with and without drawers, nightstands in very bright colors, nighstands of varying heights and sizes and more! Of course it will all depend on you and your kid’s taste, but we highly recommend choosing the sturdy, attractive ones. They will last longer, and make an attractive piece of furniture in your child’s room. For your teenager, check out this lovely Powell Teen Trends Nighstand, for example. It’s sleek and modern! For your home loving, book loving gradeschooler, we think this colorful nighstand from TruModern is perfect! It comes in 3 colors, and is made from solid birch wood.

Whether your child is a boy or a girl, he or she will surely find the bedside table very useful. Happy room decorating!

Get Cozy In Lovely Firepit Tables

Firepit tables.

We love their warmth, and we love the warm glow it brings to a household backyard, patio or deck. If you love the charm of a crackling fire, then firepit tables should be an essential furniture in your home.

Firepit tables are a popular option in outdoor furnishings because of the benefits they offer, as well as the feel they give to your outdoor space. Here’s the good news: your regular fire bowl or pit is now not only used for the purpose of keeping warm, but can be used as an outdoor or patio table as well. Picture sitting around a warm fire at night with friends and enjoying a delicious dinner. Cozy and romantic right? These pieces of furniture are a wonderful way to liven up a dinner party or outdoor gathering.

If you have been looking at some firepit tables online, you may have noticed some designs that have an extra piece that comes with the table. This extra piece is used to cover the fire bowl when not in use, to completely convert your fire pit table into a regular outdoor patio table, such as this Firepit and Beverage Cooler Chat table! Yes, it also doubles as beverage cooler, and looks great too! If you just want a firepit, you will like this beautiful Firescapes Austin Lime Fire Pit  that looks classic and timeless.

There are many other styles of firepit tables of course. There are square ones, round ones, all sorts of heights, all sorts of colors – so take your time finding one which is just right for your outdoor area. No matter what style or color you choose, we are sure that it will blend nicely with your existing décor. And, when you place it on your outdoor space, it will sure give you the warmth and coziness you need for those cold nights. 

Adding Color To Your Home With Stylish Ottomans

How would you like to add more color and style to your home with pretty ottomans?

Ottomans are decorative furniture pieces that are great for seating, lying down, storage and giving a livelier look to your living room. There are many types of ottomans that might suit one’s home and purpose, and give the room the charm one is looking for. They are available in all sizes too. From the small ones to the oversized versions, there’s a perfect one that will suit your existing décor. We love the fact that they are constructed with a sturdy hardwood frame and are mostly wrapped with luxurious leather or beautiful designer fabrics! And the colors – we love the wonderful colors of today’s ottomans!

Choosing your ottoman is a matter of taste of course. Some of the popular ottomans are leather cube ottomans, storage cocktail ottomans, upholstered ottomans and round ottomans. We think they are essential piece of furniture for any room in every home with their ability to play up your current home décor.  Since they are easy to move around and the small ones usually take up minimal space, it’s easy to place them in various parts of the house and switch them around if you feel like it.

While the main purpose ottomans serve is for a place to put your feet up on when relaxing on a couch or sofa, they are alternatively used as a place to sit near a table. Ottomans also are often used as a place for storage, which makes them great for family rooms to store toys, games, movies, DVDS, etc., just like this Zen Tufted Red Storage Ottoman. Others are simply just a decorative piece for any room and are generally used as a filler piece of furniture. Check out this colorful Jellyfish Ottoman!

Because of its versatility, an ottoman should be an essential part of every home!