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Fall Trend: Accent Tables

We love fall.   And we love one of this season’s furniture trends: accent tables!

The tables come in all sizes and shapes, from fairly small to quite large. This insures that you’ll almost certainly find the table that is perfect for your home and the space you have in mind. For example, an accent table can work wonderfully in an entryway. They would look great with a small mirror above them, just so you can make sure you’re all put together before you head out for the day. By their very nature, accent tables are made to capture the attention of visitors and guests. Compared to end tables and coffee tables, they can be quite ornate, such as lovely wood tables with exotic, complex patterns of wood veneers. The can also come in any shape imaginable, from square and rectangle to round and oval!

Round end tables even make a great alternate to traditional end tables, adding a lot of visual impact to the room, since square or rectangular end tables are usually the rule. Accent tables that are round or oval make a delightful exception to this rule. You can even make a bolder statement by going with a pedestal table instead of a traditional table with four legs.

Many accent tables come in designs that capture your interests and passions. For instance, you can get accent tables with a travel theme, with a large compass design on the top done in exquisite veneers. Or you can find one that has a built-in wine rack on the bottom, allowing you to share your love of wine with visitors and guests. One of the great things bout these tables is that they can each be different. Whether you use them in the living room or in the bedroom, you can actually use two different tables, such as one that’s rectangular and one that’s round, but in the same general style and finish.

We’re loving this Oak dining table — spacious, versatile, warm and attractive! This Pranziamo dining table’s modern classic design!

When selecting accent tables, of course, you want to choose models that not only reflect your personal tastes and the decor of your room, but you also want to find tables that are of top quality.  Accent tables are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can add to a living room. These tables can add visual interest, solve some of your space utilization issues and show off your personality, all in at the same time!