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Get Cozy In Outdoor Cushions

We love outdoor cushions.

We’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors lately and some of us have made our patio or deck our summer project. While getting some fabulous new modern patio furniture sounds like a great idea, budget constraints can hold you back. So if money is an issue, how about just throwing in some new outdoor cushions of various colors and textures?

If you’re like us, then the outdoors is a place to meditate and a place to refuel for another week ahead. It’s a place of refuge and relaxation, and next to our bedrooms, it’s the best place to hang out and “chillax”. Maybe you’re getting a little bored with the look of your patio or deck, or maybe you just have extra money to spare for a colorful addition to your patio this summer. Well, we say do it with nice, fluffy, comfy cushions!  Comfort and style are what they provide, and outdoor cushions bring life to an otherwise dull outdoors.

What about this white and brown large pillow or this bright orange cushion? Or,how about both? We especially love colorful outdoor cushions because they are always a delight to look at, not to mention so nice to hug or sit on! Our only tip for buying outdoor cushions is to look at the color of your furniture, the style of furniture, its size, and its composition. White or light colors are best with the natural beige texture of, say, your wood patio furniture. You can also pair sea green, electric blue or bright orange with great wicker furniture.

Once you’ve picked your cushions of choice, go ahead and arrange them nicely on your patio furniture.  It’s amazing how simple colorful pillows can transform a space, indoors or outdoors!