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Update A Room With Modern Wool Rugs

Here’s one of our favorite ways to update the look of your living room or bedroom: add some modern wool rugs!

One of the interesting changes you can make to your home would be to install a new floor, but this can be costly. So why not just add a new rug to liven up your space?  We suggest purchasing a wool rug because unlike installing new floors, you will never have to leave it behind if, say,  you choose to move to a new location. With a rug, you can purchase several designs and you can bring it with you or change rugs within your home.

Finding a wool rug that is perfect for your home is just as challenging as finding a new floor. There are numerous types of rugs, and each fits a certain type of decor. If your home is modern and you love the look of plush wool, then go for modern wool rugs. These can accentuate any room can be great for both living rooms and bedrooms. Often times you only need small round wool rug to give any bedroom a warm and inviting feel.

Modern wool rugs come in multiple colors and patterns – there’s just so much to choose from! We’re loving this wool rug from Chandra rugs and this zebra wool rug from the same collection. Wool rugs have many advantages but the best advantage is they are 100 percent natural. This makes it a great choice because they are eco-friendly, free of harmful toxic chemicals. When properly maintained, wool rugs can last for several years so they’re a great investment.  Moreover, wool has a natural water-repellent property that prevents spills or flooding from ever being an issue. They are also easy to clean and care for since they resist dirt and dust, requiring very little maintenance.

So give that room a new look with modern wool rugs. You won’t regret it!