Bedroom Night Stands: Valuable Bedroom Furniture

Let’s talk bedroom night stands.

Some people may not put it on the top of their list when thinking of modern bedroom furniture, but nigh stands are a valuable part of any bedroom. We must admit, some of the average nightstands we have seen look boring, but nowadays, there are plenty of great stylish options. There’s really no reason why you should settle for an inferior piece of furniture when it comes to your bedroom. After all, it’s your sacred space, where you relax and are most comfortable.

The modern, chic bedside tables of today make a beautiful and functional addition to your room. There are some stunning pieces available that have been handcrafted and copied from antiques, and there are also gorgeous tables that come in various sizes with excellent storage for books and whatnots.

Bedroom nightstands are an important component to almost any bedroom. After all where do most of us place our books, coffee mugs, keys or eye glasses at the end of the day? A functional nightstand provides storage as well as style to a bedroom. Take this Spot On Square Hiya Nightstand for example. It’s glorious in white, and evokes a sense of purity, simplicity and sustainability. And what about this Mod Loft Arundel Nightstand in Brown Oak? It’s a beautiful piece of furniture made in Brazil!

When choosing a bedroom nigh stand, the first thing you need to decide on is  your specific needs for the nightstand. Do you plan on using your nightstand for storage only? Do you want it to double as a vanity table? Will you be needing  a lot of drawers and do you want it to come in a neutral or bright color? Once you know exactly what you plan to use your nightstand for, you’ll know the right direction to take when shopping for the perfect one.


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