Modern Bookcases For Book Lovers

What’s on your summer reading list?

We have plenty of interior design, home and garden books in mind, as well as novels we’re dying to finish. We also love seeing all our books neatly lined in modern bookcases. If you don’t have one yet, maybe it’s about time you invested in one, or maybe upgraded your old one.

No book lover should be without a stylish bookcase or bookshelf. They not only serve as a home for your beloved books, but they also make a great addition to your home furniture. Bookcases that are stylish, sturdy and colorful are now a big part of many modern homes, and if the bookworm you is also a chic decorator with an eye for detail, then you’ll certainly appreciate the array of bookcase choices nowadays.

This unique, modern, and elegant Kira Shelving Unit, for example, is made of stainless steel frame with a high polish finish. If you’re worried about space constraints, this hanging bookcase from Nuevo Living will solve your dilemma. NO matter what style of bookcase you choose, we’re sure it will fit nicely into your modern living space.

While we prefer modern bookcases with understated elegance against fresh crisply white-painted rooms, today’s bookcases that come in various shapes and colors will complement a neutral or colored backdrop. Book lovers often have a bookcase as the center piece of a room, but it can just as well be unobtrusive backdrop in any living space. Of course it does have to look good, but the functionality is always important.

What we love about modern bookcases is that aside from being a home for books, they also make a great display space for vases, figurines, some modern art sculpture, and picture frames! It is a versatile piece of furniture, and it’s undoubtedly one of our favorite modern home furniture.


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