Eye-Catching Modern Wall Art For Your Living Room

How would you like to dress up those bare walls?

We love bare walls. They’re a perfect canvas for modern wall art, so if you have some bare walls in your living room at the moment that you’re thinking of dressing up, read on.

We have seen some really interesting modern art hanging on walls in our favorite home and interior design blogs lately. These pieces of art can simply be a pretty painting, a series of photo frames, stylish mirrors or wall sculptures. It’s really wonderful how these works of art can take you on a visual journey, and make a great conversation piece in one’s living room. What’s more, they also reflect your personal taste and style, because with today’s so many modern wall art designs, it’s not impossible for you to find one that’s truly “you”!

Today’s modern wall art fixtures and accessories allow you to experiment and combine different colors, designs and concepts. Also, if you’re doing a home or room renovation, it’s so easy to add new life and spunk to a room by introducing abstract colors, angles and depth to an otherwise boring wall. Take these two great modern wall art choices that would look absolutely great on a bare wall: Kenneth Wingard’s Small Mirrored Op Wall, which are made of dozens of glittering mirrors attached to moveable wires, or this Uttermost Arabian Nights wall décor, which is  collection of oil reproductions is accented by a medium wood tone base with heavily distressed layer of browns and blacks!

Modern wall art provides diversity, elegance and style in your home. Whether it’s photo frames, oil paintings, sleek mirrors or graphic shapes, they bring life to your wall. You can find inspiration in nature, in your own home, in an art museum or any simple object! Whatever wall décor you choose, it will surely be an admirable and treasured part of your home.




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